Sunday, 14 July 2013

Day 31 - Twitter - the Jewish Conspiracy

Mister Thorn is in fine spirits today. He has definite proof of the Jewish Conspiracy.

My people have been pressuring the infidel Twitter to reveal the names and addresses of the Brownies and Boy Scouts who took part in the illegal summer camp in the village park. Twitter refused. However, some of my men who have been hurling insults at Jews on Twitter are about to be arrested after those insulted Jews went to court and sued Twitter for $50 million. My men are now up shit creek BUT they have shown to the world that Twitter is run by Jews and favors Jews. And it is anti-Istanshire. So much for the infidel freedom of speech. The only way Twitter can show they are truly impartial is to reveal the names and addresses of those Boy Scouts and Brownies that I seek. The sword of destiny awaits.

It's time for Mister Thorn's visit to the psychiatrist.

Psychiatrist:  First of all let me assure you that your tertiary syphilis is now under control but there is some moderate brain damage. Your irrational outbursts about people using magical powers to try and kill you are completely understandable.

Thorn: That bastard whore! He told me he was clean and that I didn't need to wear a condom.

Psychiatrist: So, Mister Thorn. How long have you had these feelings that the leaders of the infidel shires are using telekinesis to harm you ? ...... Okay, let's try something else. Do you really think there is an all powerful sky god who is directing and inspiring all your actions ? But you think watching Harry Potter movies is sinful, right ?

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