Friday, 5 July 2013

Day 23 - That'll show 'em!

The comedy material supplied by the government of Istanshire has been overwhelming in recent days. However, on behalf of the publishers, we will strive around the clock to keep you up to date with the various witless players and the stupidity of their actions. Never before in history have so many political blunders happened in such a short period.  And who is more foolish ? The fools or the fools who elect them and finance them?

The fellow below, His Excellency, The United Shires Ambassador to the Grand Caliphate of Little Tallyban and Greater Istanshire we have met before. Not a few days ago he rubber stamped the democracy of Istanshire to widespread international jaw dropping. But who could blame him ? He has to live in Istanshire and, like a lizard, every time someone cuts his balls off he slowly grows another pair.... Takes some time though.

Some of Little Tallyban's officials have been invited to the United Shires embassy for a Grand Banquet where they are dined on all the delicacies that petty cash can buy, Big Macallyban, Fries, Coke (Large).  Quoting from one of Istanshire's great historic leaders (who cannot be named for the sake of my future children) Mr. Spinelessoni, the US Ambassador, says:

"It is better to counter ideas with counter ideas rather than with bloody, senseless, vicious, vindictive, sadistic police violence,"  - or something along those lines. Outraged, the Comedy Store rise to their feet with an air of pompous confusion. Feeling that they have been insulted but lacking the intelligence to identify just how, the band of idiots leave their polystyrene containers on the table and walk out in a huff  en masse.

Grand Caliph Thorn wrote of the incident later: "I am impressed by their loyalty."

I asked him, "But shouldn't they have stayed put and enjoyed their supersized take-outs ? Surely your men have just demonstrated by their actions that they think it is better to kick the shit out of anyone who disagrees with you, wouldn't you agree ?"

Thorn said: "And your point being ?"

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