Saturday, 6 July 2013

Day 24 - Drugs - just say no!

Several infidel newspapers and TV stations have claimed that my riot police and plain clothes police are taking drugs to stay awake and have become psychotic.  Or they would have if their journalists had any balls. But I have them all scared. Ha ha! Besides, it is not drugs. Only deadbeats and muggers take drugs. My riot police are taking prescription medicines provided by one of the few remaining doctors who I haven't jailed or maimed for annoying me. It is not a saber that my policeman is carrying. It is an instrument of god's love.

I am enjoying a new poster that I have pinned to the wall. It shows how the world will look in less than two decades. A country ruled by mullahs, religious courts and policemen carrying instruments of god's love. I will use a similar model for Istanshire. This will be my legacy.

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