Thursday, 20 June 2013

Day 12 - Colonel Kurtz and the Horror

Today Mr. Thorn has ordered his lackeys to don fancy dress.  Even I have been forced to wear battered military fatigues and a brightly colored silk bandanna around my head. Mr. Thorn has shaved his head and in his freshly constructed Colonel Kurtz man-cave he sits watching the DVD of Apocalypse Now on a 90″ plasma flat screen. His armed flunkies have painted black stripes on their faces and peer from the surrounding gloom. For some reason he insists on calling me Willard. Here is a clip to get you into the mood.

“Are you here to kill me….. Willard ?” asks the newly born “Kurtz”. I take my cue from the movie and say nothing as this is the role expected of me. “The ambassador from the United Shires is coming to see me today. He is bringing CIA to kill me. Are you CIA, too ?”

We are interrupted by a guard. ” Pascha, the ambassador is here.” After some back slapping and hand shaking the ambassador, a Mr Francis Liccyerbootsoni,  sits at Kurtz’s feet.

“Sir we have a few problems with your version of democracy.”

“The horror, the horror,” whispers Kurtz, dripping Uludag water on his head.

“You’ve been using acid additives in water cannons on innocent protesters and children….” says Mr. Ambassador

“Horrors that I have seen….” says Kurtz. “We are the hollow men.”

“Your police have beaten and teargassed demonstrators and bystanders….”

“The STRENGTH…… to do that…..” whispers Kurtz.

“Why on earth didn’t you use the real bullets we sent you ?” asks the ambassador.

Stay tuned for more episodes of Mr. Thorn’s insanity.

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