Monday, 24 June 2013

Day 16 - Hot Women

The new Caliph of Little Tallyban on Sea and of all Istanshire is in a diplomatic mood and determined  to mend fences after yesterday's accidental declaration of war on the European Empire. At the suggestion of the vicars he is entertaining his shrink and myself  for breakfast.

-What do you think about this picture ? asks the shrink.
-Those women are hot! declares Mr. Thorn.

The psychiatrist frowns. He looks perplexed.

-So you do like to look at women in hotpants ? says the psych.

-NO YOU IDIOT! I am talking about the women in my new religious dress. They look both hot yet dignified. And let me tell you this. If they were to take over the Gassy Park they wouldn't flee  leaving a tent city for my police to smash up. They would simply stand up and take their tents with them.

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