Thursday, 27 June 2013

Day 17 - Europe's Shame

Mr Thorn is in fine mood after the European Empire decided to ignore the 398 children from the local Brownie Pack that he now has locked up in a high security adult prison. Arrested on suspicion of terrorism these minors are now being looked after by sexual psychopaths. 

The members of the European Empire have decided to give Mr Thorn another chance to be a human being, the latest of many last chances that they have given him - each afraid that if they break ranks then the others will get the spoils .... 80 million consumers growing wealthier every day.

-The fools! the Grand Caliph of Little Tallyban and Istanshire declared over a breakfast of  bacon and eggs, fried in the body fat of barely alive doctors.

-I only have to show the slightest regret and the European Empire forgives me. This is typical of fathers in infidel families - they are weak like women. A good father -- and I am the father of my people -- a good father should beat his little children if they err. With sticks. And fill their eyes with tear gas so they cry. And yet be kind and forgiving, and bathe their bodies in water mixed medicinal pepper. I am the father of my people and they love me or must learn to love me. To refuse my love is to reject God for I am the Caliph and that is blasphemy and punishable by death.

-In the spirit of democracy I have renamed the village park in the children's honour. I now decree that it be called The Gassy Park.

-It's time for your meds now deary, sighs the nurse.

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