Sunday, 25 August 2013

Day 56 - The Cancer Spreads

Complicated doctoring for cancer-stricken babies is now a thing of the past in the Shires.

The self-appointed Grand Caliph of Little Tallyban and Great Istanshire is over the moon about his new health service. With the doctors gone (arrested, jailed, fled), Mister Thorn has handed much of the healing work over to the Mami - the vicars for the new state religion of Masli. Here we see them attempting to heal a child with cancer by using holy tickling sticks.

Thorn writes: With the economy going down the boghole fast I have had to make a few budget cuts. The vicars have agreed to fill in for the doctors at the shire's hospitals and I am saving a packet. The kid is probably doomed anyway, so why spend any money on him? And as you can see my vicars have a better bedside manner.

The Grand Caliph is reading a foreign newspaper as he eats his breakfast.

Thorn: I am pleased to see that our new religious infiltration is going well in Ingerlanshire. Soon everyone will be named after the great Masli Prophet - won't that be delightfully confusing for the parents! They will all grow up ready to fight and die so that Ingerlanshire becomes part of my Caliphate.

Mister Thorn has been cutting onions again in preparation for his appearance on state TV. 

 This is from a different universe called Turkey which is ruled by a benign, wise and loving and democratic prime minister. The picture of him genuinely weeping is used for illustration purposes only.

Thorn: I am so unhappy about the tragedy of the Masli Brotherhood in Gipposhire. Now I don't have any friends at all. My plan for a Middle East-wide Caliphate in which I am the leader has all gone to the unholy dogs. I can only hope that my friend Brad Orbarma, the President of the United Shires continues to be my puppet and brings the new Sissy Regime to its knees. I have promised to deliver him a benign Masli world if he makes me Caliph with his military might. The whole world knows that I keep my promises.

And finally, dear reader, here is a guide to the present state of the Middle East in which Brad Orbarma of the United Shires is (confusingly) backing Al Quaeda rebels in Synistershire to the east. Good luck in making out why the United Shires is supporting Al-Quaeda or the Masli Brothershood.

 Photo above is for illustration purposes only and in no way represents the state of things in this universe.

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