Friday, 9 August 2013

Day 46 - Nearly there! - the enemy within.

Afghanistan and Turkey - then and now (from a parallel universe which is not the subject of this blog at all, oh no)


And (below) Women's Day in Iran, then and now.

My fiendish plan to turn Little Tallyban and Greater Istanshire into a religious dictatorship is almost complete. It is important that we keep Brad Orbarma of the United Shires on our side until the transformation is complete. My supporters are impatient for the coming World Caliphate and have been sloppy. News has leaked of more bombs by my supporters against their embassies. I just wish they would bloody well wait until my power as Supreme Being is unassailable.  Then we can complete our takeover of Ingerlanshire, the European Empire and the United Shires with our undercover sleeper cells who are already embedded with the enemy. Here is a new base for our fighters being built in the village of Wimbly in Lundun, Ingerlanshire. The idiots just let us build as we please.

And here (below) is another secret base in Old York, Old York in the United Shires

There is no better camouflage than hiding in plain sight, is there ?

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