Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Day 66 - Olympian Idiots

Some Musli porn to start your day.

The Grand Caliph of Little Tallyban and Greater Istanshire is monumentally pissed (off). His Caliphate has not been awarded the Olympics by the Jewish controlled Olympia Committee.

Thorn wrote: I don't understand them. Istanshire is a fantastic place to have the Games. My citizens excel in water sports thanks to the free Toma water cannons I provide. They regularly compete against my riot police in both sprint and marathon disciplines. Discus and Javelin would be absolutely no problem. My citizens excel at throwing bricks at the riot police during the nightly fun and games. My police athletes would be champions in the rifle competitions and regularly shoot protesters in the face with tear-gas canister guns from a range of several meters. Not to mention the regular marksman practice against the rebellious riff-raff with plastic bullets.

Later that day - His Most Excellent Excellency of Highnessness Thorn is with his advisers in a crisis meeting. 

Thorn: How the fuck did we lose the Olympia? You know how much that meant to me.

Toady: (Giggles) About five million dollars in construction kickbacks Efendi ?

Thorn: No no that's not what I meant. Although you are right. I mean why ?

Toady: I think the police killing the riff-raff on the streets didn't help our case Efendi.

Thorn: Yes, you are right. We should kill more of them so they stay in their homes.

Editor: Below the Under 21s national football team from heathen Swedeshire get teargassed during their national anthem before the start of the game against the Caliphate's team at the village recreation ground.


His Nastiness is in another crisis meeting. This time it is about one of the riff-raff who was killed during a night of completely censored street riots.

Thorn: He really did die because he fell off a building. It was all recorded by a security camera. Why haven't our media reported this?

Toady: They did Efendi.

Thorn: Then why are the Rebellious Riff-Raff still on the streets throwing rocks ?

Toady: They don't believe our press anymore Efendi.

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